Estas 4 fotografías han sido seleccionada para la campaña «Voices from the People» del programa de Naciones Unidas: «Water for life». La primera de ellas, realizada por Isabel Salinas, una de nuestras socias “trochi” de Almería. ha sido seleccionada adicionalmente para formar parte de un exposición que se celebrará en Nueva York.  

Es un gran honor para nosotros participar en esta campaña de gran visibilidad y trascendencia en el mundo del agua. Podéis visitar la campaña en:[email protected]/  

El texto que acompaña las fotos dice lo siguiente:  

“In the “Pays Bassari” (Senegal), the rate of severely malnourished children (marasmus) expose to immediate death risk exceeds 10%, being the children with some degree of malnutrition over 70% of the total. The problem is due to a diet based almost exclusively on carbohydrates (millet and rice) with a virtual absence of protein. The problem is also of particular concern in the case of pregnant women.  

To try to alleviate this problem, the NGO Yakaar Africa is launching a network of community gardens in the villages of the area. This network reach nowadays the number of 30. This network relies mainly on the use of water resources that were not previously accessible for use because of the total lack of financial resources of the population.  

The NGO Yakaar Africa has made deep boreholes, small traditional wells, small reservoirs or established small pumping stations to extract water directly from rivers in the different villages; to use these resources to grow products that can enrich the diet of the population and improve the health of Pays Bassari kids”